Maria Rosaria

SADNESS Via Marconi.

Elementary school where I spent five years feeling inadequate, frustrated, melancholy and in short, like an ugly duckling.


This was where I spent most of my teenage holidays. For me, this was a magical place, full of discoveries, at a time when going down into the Sassi was practically forbidden. It was an almost completely abandoned place, where just a few cooperatives began doing restoration work, creating homes and workplaces. One of these, a serigraphy, became a meeting place in which to work for me but above all, it was a place of joy. I felt happy, carefree and easy. I met many people and developed deep friendships. I explored unknown and enchanting places and I dreamed. For the first in my life I no longer felt like an ugly duckling, but a like a swan.


This was my first love nest. I rented a house with my partner, where I had my first experience of living with someone. I am very attached to that place, it was a refuge, it was my space for dreams and cuddles.


I saw this historic building after thirty years, which for me was a place from fairy tales, a noble palace that recalled a Gattopardian atmosphere, with dances and parties, rooms full of mirrors with golden frames, crystal chandeliers, armchairs and velvet sofas, now almost a ruin, devastated by years of abandonment. I felt a lot of disappointment but also a lot of anger at seeing it in such a state.