For a daughter that was born, for a new home, with the choice of everything from wall coverings to furniture. Moving to have our own space. To make space for the baby. The joy of seeing her grow –  her first victories, her first steps, her first words. The joy of feeling she’s yours.  The joy is our daughter I.


A genuine “Appulo-Lucano”

Born in Matera and raised in Altamura by a mother from Basilicata and a father from the province of Bari.

Returned to Matera at the age of 14 to study at the “Carlo Levi” Liceo Artistico (High School of Fine Arts).

I don’t know how many times I did the short trip from one region to another. A stretch of road, sometimes fast and easy, sometimes slow. Other times long and congested with traffic, at every hour of the day and night. For studying, for work, for meeting friends. A trip that brings me back to my roots today. Although, perhaps even when I was in Puglia, I was back to my roots. I don’t know and I don’t want to.


Glimpses from the window of our first home, there in Via Casalnuovo 68, a second floor apartment with a “Colosseum” view, as an old Roman friend says. The skies over the moors, the steps that tourists go up and down daily, the falcons on the roofs and the white-breasted swallows that would accidentally fly into our house. The discovery that we would be blessed with a girl and not a boy, just as my partner had wanted. The search for new skies always on this magical horizon to photograph. At dawn, at sunset and even with the moon.


Positivity with the eyes of a teenager. The fresh discovery of this city that would later adopt me forever. The happy years at the high school of Fine Arts here in Matera, with classmates, parties, educational trips and smiles for everyone and everything, in a positive, free-spirited and light-hearted  time of my life, full of discovery and purpose.

The carefreeness of that time cannot be conveyed. There are no words to express it, just the memory of the places. For me it’s orange, like my Invicta high school backpack, like the orange peels I left for my fellow students in class. Like this city seen through the orange lens of a sunset – a Belvedere.