As part of the rich cultural program of Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019, the Atlas of the emotions of the cities, a project conceived by the Associazione Teatro dei Sassi, proposes to create a new way of visiting the cities through the use of a Map Emotional made by collecting the memories and stories of the inhabitants and, gradually, the same visitors.
The project, co-produced by the Matera – Basilicata 2019 Foundation and by the Associazione Teatro dei Sassi, identifies Matera as a city where to experiment for the first time this way.
To more than 300 inhabitants of Matera (selected in all age groups and social extraction) was asked to develop their “emotional map”, marking on a map of the city, and telling in words, the places where personal events happened particularly significant in their existence. The set of all the maps, after a work of selection and artistic transformation, will compose the emotional Mother Map.
“One can grasp the truth of a place only by weaving a relationship with those who live in different ways. The secret stories of the inhabitants of the cities are the spark that illuminates the places. With this vivid light we intend to illuminate the teritory plan of the Provincial Library of Matera, where we will set up the Secretissima camera de lo core “The artistic director of the Associazione Teatro dei Sassi, Massimo Lanzetta
For Matera 2019 the first chapter of the Atlas will be created, called ‘The secretissima camera de lo core’, an interactive display of memories and stories, where visitors can experience this new way of visiting the city, more vertical and immersive, thanks to exchange with the inhabitants and a narrative and performative path.
Secrets, memories and emotions make up an “augmented reality” of the city, which both visitors and the inhabitants contribute to and draw from.
The project, in different ways, will continue even after 2019.