As part of the cultural program of Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019, the Atlas of the emotions of the cities, a project conceived by the Associazione Teatro dei Sassi, proposes to create a new way of visiting cities through the use of a Emotional Map built by collecting the memories and stories of the inhabitants and, gradually, the same visitors.

The project, co-produced by the Matera – Basilicata 2019 Foundation and by the Associazione Teatro dei Sassi, identifies Matera as a city where to experiment for the first time this way.

On Monday 17 June 2018, visual artist Stefano Faravelli, project partner, will arrive in the City of Sassi. Faravelli will take care of three workshops aimed at creating emotional maps, guiding and coordinating about twenty Italian, European and young artists cartographers of our territory.
In the initial workshop, which will be held from Monday 18 to Saturday 23 June 2018, the first cartographic works will be carried out inside the “Camera secretissima de lo core”, an interactive site of memories and stories, which can be visited from March to July 2019 at the Provincial Library of Matera.

The artist’s CV is attached.

Stefano Faravelli lives and works in Turin. The artistic training of the Turin Academy Albertina follows a degree in Moral Philosophy and the study of Arabic language and culture at the Orientalistic Institute. From his many trips to the near, middle and far east, he reports fascinating carnet published since 1994, when he comes out “Sindh. Indian notebook “. Since then his ‘notebooks’ have been exhibited in London, New York, Paris, Istanbul and Jerusalem. In 2011 he exhibited in the Italian Pavilion of the 54 Venice Biennale.

Guido Tortorelli