Soul of Places

On the hide of the tired Ox

Do you hear it?
Crack! Crack!
Itís the noise of the hide; itís the city coming to life. The beast recounts its roots” (…)

Marica Montemurro

“Moment” (from the poem by Wislawa Szymborska)

“(…) As if seas had seethed only elsewhere,
shredding the shores of the horizons.(…) This moment reigns as far as the eye can reach.
One of those earthly moments
invited to linger”.

Teresa Lupo e Enzo Viti

Matera of flavors

“What’s the taste of Matera?
Watchingit from a distance some couldthink of a biscuit with a meringue curl and rare candy angles, butmostsimply, Matera is made of bread, tastes like bread. (…) In the belly of the whale Matera there’s so much more to taste.

Daniela Melan

Caleidomap of Matera views and voices

“Come closer…
I beg you…
I am the city of shame
the one which you have visited or will visit, the one which they have told you, or will tell you about.
Now, though, I would like you to watch and see with your child eyes”. (…)

Angelica Malizia

Atlas of the smells and aromas of Matera

” (…) I would say: choose a place that is comfortable, sit down and without looking, sniff. (…) You greedily sniff, because the smells and aromas are all memories and Matera is drenched in them.

Carolina Grosa

Matera the Green

(…) Through the manholes, miniature gardens, I spy the heart of the city: a Cerere Madonna, dressed in flowers, rules over the wheat fields of the Murgia, over immaginary and secluded gardens of fig, olive and mulberry trees, she covers herself in flowered cloth, she holds scepters of Ferula (…)

Anna Regge

The Sassi Game

“I lost myself and found myself among Materaís Sassi, overwhelmed by intense emotions such as the wonder or the restlessness that some particular places have aroused in me. (…) The experience made me think of those board games, the Goose Game or Monopoly, where we move forward, go back; we pass tests and get over obstacles.”

Andrea Varca e Valeria Galante

The Stacchjc Odyssey!

“Through the use of a basic master-view box, I describe the moments of the odyssey of a nice man from Matera, whom I met at a campsite on the Coast of Brittany, where he made excellent pizza with a sort of “mobile-pizzeria”. (…)”

Daniela Casalboni

The door of detachment

“In Matera, while I was stopping to draw some panoramas, aside from the fascinating stratification of time here, I felt an aura linked to old and new problems, relating to abandonment and to emigration”.

Carlo Lanzoni


“Everyone has picked up objects in their lifetime. The act of picking up something requires moving close to the object and creating a contact with it, which happens even on different levels than the sensorial one, as if the object had its own past and spirit”.

Daniela Conti e Francesca Ghiotti Faravelli

Ancient Map

” (…) A map drawn with a style of a past Time that develops the Emotions of the Soul of the Place”.

Giovanni Bruno