Down on earth Matera reflects the constellations high above.

“My Map is a book of earth and sky. It evokes a timeless Matera in an undefined age. (…) What is on earth conforms to what is in the sky: the sacred caves of the Sassi are the image of cosmic harmony.”

Mariella Monteleone

Alchemical Matera

“Night and Day, the living and the dead, civilisation and the archaic magic. Each Matera has its double, every hour sheds light on a different city and Chronos the great sculptor is shaping the primeval Sassi and the gallant baroque monuments. (…)

Nicolò Estense Tassonia

Rebbelib of Creation

“This piece originates from the experience of the visit to the ìCrypt of the Original Sinís site.(…) This kind of map is inspired by the ones used by Marshall Islandsí seafarers, called Rebbelib charts.”

Giuseppe Incampo e Lorenza Casamassima


“…Later on, you would take my face in your hands to kiss my mouth. And if I direct my gaze up higher, towards the top of the ladder, I can see the two of us aimlessly walking together, weightless.

Andrea Fontanarosa


Matera is a heavy and stony city where human hands have obstinately suffered in its construction and digging.
Matera is an aerial city full of light rushing towards the sky like a wave.
My “Atlas” bears the burden.
My “Atlas” brings it to light.

Emmanuel Michel

Serena Allaria: Matera nest of the Goddess Bird.

“Mather, Earth, female, bird goddess, snake goddess.
… She wears the ancestral mask to leave the nest and to rich the stars”.