Time Chamber

Feeling of community.

“Landscape, architecture and human relations are connected and tied together. (…) I wanted to tie together, sew my watercolours tangibly, just as Sassi are connected with their people’s destiny”.

Donatella Peli

Embroidered Map of Extra-ordinary Encounters

“…Embroidery is an ancient art like this city,
each point narrates a step upon these white stones,
the steps of people who at certain moments of their life turn out to be someone else extra-ordinary meetings”

Francesca Ghiotti Faravelli

 “Sentimental pop up map”

“…it is a tribute to both sacred and profane dimensions of the festival, being narrated with humor and melancholy by the ì bella Signoraís voice, venerated by all of Matera’s citizens”.

Anna Cottone

Emotional map of fantastic creatures

“(…) Time is a sieve but this sieve does not strike the king of the creatures that inhabit Matera.
With its coils holds the entire city, look carefully at the map and when you get lost in its streets always remember that you are walking on the back of a

Gabriele Pino

A glance at Matera’s secrets

” (…) My gaze caressed you, dwelling upon your precious matrix, appearing like antique lacework
and descending into the depths of your essence
where it discovered ancient faces
Enigmatic smiles enchanted decorations”.(…)

Laura Leita

b&b Gionaís

” (…) The rough skin scratched by the traces of thousands of lives, the welcoming, ancient and silent belly. Like a whale. At risk of extinction”.

Raffaele Pentasuglia

Matera flies

(…) Matera has listened to the stories of a thousandtravelers who walk throught its streets and is cager to discover what the world is made of, whit the curiosity that only a two thoisand year old child can have (…)

Gabriella Papapietro

 Que viva la muerte!

“Under the dead skin of a city trampled by too many hasty looks, selfies and likes …
…Matera is generous with those bending to their time”.

Gabriella Braidotti


“Who could know how many were born within the depth of its house- caves which, as safe burrows, favored birth with their silent darkness, intimacy and support of women in the local community.
I imagined a childbirth on a full moonís night and, as I am a midwife by my profession, told its story in first person”.

Cristina Funaioli