La Secretissima camera de lo core

The Secretissima camera de lo core, which was officially opened on 23 and 24 March 2019, is about to be opened to visitors again.
The project ‘Atlas of the Emotions of Cities 1. La secretissima camera de lo core’, has been a great success. This is attested by the conspicuous international press coverage (over 70 newspapers, for a potential readership of over 11,000,000), the attention that the national and European media have paid to the project, the unanimous consensus of local, national and international cultural personalities and citizens of Matera, and above all the number of visitors from 23 March, the day of its official opening, to 23 December 2019, the last day of the special opening.

In four months of official opening and in another four months of extraordinary openings (over 100 openings in total), over 2700 people of all ages, sexes and nationalities crossed our labyrinth of emotions set up on the fourth floor of the Provincial Library of Matera. The letters of comment that many visitors gave us at the end of their visit express their wish and hope that La secretissima will become a permanent opportunity to get to know the city of Matera in an immersive and exciting way.

Even personalities such as Marino Sinibaldi and Alessandro Baricco, who were enthusiastic about the exhibition, expressed this view, considering the permanence as the natural evolution of a project that started from the bottom involving over 400 citizens, creating a substantial and meaningful archive of 400 emotional maps and 4000 stories, in addition to the 40 works of art and the 15 original stories produced.

This is why we have decided, in competition with the Matera municipal administration, to set up La Secretissima camera de lo core in the rooms of Palazzo Acito, a 17th century building located in the heart of the Sasso Barisano in Matera, which we have named
‘The Palace of Emotions’.
Very soon you will be able to book and come and be amazed in person.

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A dense, delicate and extraordinary path in memory and in the present. Compliments

Ma quanto è meravigliosa questa mostra? Meraviglia infinita!
Finalmente si racconta l’anima della mia amata città.

Mysterious and fascinating. Emotions that take the visitor’s soul, truly wonderful exhibition.

how wonderful is this exhibition? Endless wonder!
Finally the soul of my beloved city is told.

I will come back here, to this ‘room’ of my heart, every time I get lost

So much wonder, so much restlessness, so much emotion, so much commitment, so much work, so much passion. In simplicity, the most ferocious complexity and the most sophisticated technology. A nice gift for matera!