BPER Banca is Gold Partner of the Atlas of the emotions of the cities

As part of the Matera 2019 program, BPER Banca is pleased to support, at Palazzo dell’Annunziata, the setting up of the project “Atlas of city emotions – La Secretissima camera de lo core, co-produced by Fondazione Matera Basilicata 2019 and Associazione Teatro dei Sassi, which will offer visitors a real access portal to discover the city of the Sassi, European Capital of Culture 2019.

A project that proposes to create an unprecedented way to visit the city through the use of a Emotional Map created by collecting the memories and stories of the inhabitants and its visitors.
A strong link, therefore, like the one that binds BPER Banca – Gold Partner of “Atlas of city emotions” – to Matera, where a few years ago it acquired the Banca Popolare del Materano, inheriting, among other things, the historic dominates Piazza San Francesco in the city center.

With the participation of the Cities Emotion of the Atlas, BPER Banca therefore wants to confirm itself as a “bank that can read”, a metaphor that not only concerns the effort to understand the socio-economic realities
of the territories served, but also to the promotion of reading and cultural activities in a specific sense, as social assets to be defended (to cite, among other things, sponsorship of the Strega Prize).
In this case in Matera “we read” the lives of people, which becomes the narration of a city and a territory through time. BPER for over 150 years has always focused on the relationship with the territories and the
community, as well as other Institutes that have gradually become part of the banking Group.

BPER Banca is the parent company of the BPER Group, which gathers four territorial banks (BPER Banca, Banco di Sardegna, Cassa di Risparmio di Bra and Cassa di Risparmio di Saluzzo) for approximately 1,200 branches to cover almost all Italian regions, with approximately 11,500 employees and 2 million customers. Sixth banking group in Italy, it includes not only credit institutions but also numerous product and instrumental companies. BPER Banca has been included since September 2011 in the FTSE MIB, the most significant stock index of the Italian Stock Exchange, which includes the shares of the 40 largest Italian and foreign companies listed on the markets managed by Borsa Italiana.