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Project Description

The Associazione Teatro dei Sassi, as part of the approach to 2019, organized in Matera at the “T. Stigliani “, on December 19th and 20th, the preview of” Atlas of the emotions of the city – the Secretissima Camera de lo Core “, a project of Matera European Capital of Culture for 2019, co-produced by Fondazione Matera 2019 and Teatro dei Sassi.

The preview showed the interactive installation that offers an unprecedented way to visit the city through the use of a Emotional Map created by collecting the memories and stories of the inhabitants and, gradually, the same visitors.

In fact, over the two days, there were eighty participants who decided to apply for the open call launched through the official social profiles of the project and, therefore, they were able to explore the Secretissima Camera de la Core at the fourth floor of the Matera library.

Four visits were scheduled and hosted the maximum number of possible availabilities.

Massimo Lanzetta, artistic director of the Associazione Teatro dei Sassi, declares: “We are very satisfied. Thanks to the support of the province and the patience of employees and users of the library, the latter has managed to transform itself into the Secretissima camera de lo core of Matera. The smiling and sometimes ecstatic glances of the visitors have repaid us of the enormous organizational effort. Now we are really ready for Matera 2019. ”

The project identifies Matera as a city where to experience this modality for the first time.
In addition to the citizens of Matera, the writer Alessandro Baricco and the Holden school in Turin also collaborate, the visual artist Stefano Faravelli, the choreographer-dancer Heike Hennig from Leipzig and the scenographer and light artisan Paolo Baroni.

The interactive installation will open to the public on March 23rd 2019.

Thanks to BPER Banca gold project partner.

Guido Tortorelli, communication manager