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La Secretissima camera de lo core

The Secretissima camera de lo core“ officially opened the 23rd and 24th of March, now is open to visitors.

The magnificent opening choreography was conducted by Mrs Henning Heike and performed by her crew who accompanied the audience from the city’s main square to the Library’s fourth floor. Once there, three rooms compose a whale’s belly as a Labyrinth and allowed the first visitors to discover its wonders.

Now you can visit “ The Secretissima camera de lo core” as a whole, altogether in groups of 21 visitors at a time, twice a day, accompanied by an affable and kind lady along with her assistant who looks for she during her  moments of disorientation.

Visitor’s reviews encourage you to book a time and surprise yourself by the findings of your visit.

A dense, delicate and extraordinary path in memory and in the present. Compliments

Mysterious and fascinating. Emotions that take the visitor’s soul, truly wonderful exhibition.

So much wonder, so much restlessness, so much emotion, so much commitment, so much work, so much passion. In simplicity, the most ferocious complexity and the most sophisticated technology. A nice gift for matera!

Ma quanto è meravigliosa questa mostra? Meraviglia infinita!
Finalmente si racconta l’anima della mia amata città.

how wonderful is this exhibition? Endless wonder!
Finally the soul of my beloved city is told.

I will come back here, to this ‘room’ of my heart, every time I get lost